The #jailbeddrop experience consists of a performance and interactive installation rooted in challenging our inherent notion between “crime’ and punishment. The work contextualizes and facilitates a space to explore interpersonal accountability and reflect those values back on our “criminal justice system.” This work is an extension of the #jailbeddrop art series created by Patrisse Cullors and Cecilia Sweet-Coll through Justice LA.



Photography by: Ella Mikayelyan


“Finding Common Ground on Prison Grounds
“Finding Common Ground on Prison Grounds

“From Letters to Visits in Prison: A Pas
“From Letters to Visits in Prison: A Pas


Animations by: Brittany Barrera, Jazmin Cabrera, Ma.Nadeschka Estocado, Nathaniel Trias, Sheila Lopez, Stephanie Salas, Vanessa Salas and Zoe Kim

Letters from the Etui is a digital platform featuring an animated video series, texts, and an accompanying series of workshops that support abolitionist frameworks, from personal to political practice. An etui–from the Old French estui, meaning prison–is a small ornamental case used for holding needles, cosmetics, and often other sacred possessions like personal letters. The project blends these meanings offering the etui as a metaphor for holding the sacredness and value of the people, ideas, creativity, and relationships impacted by imprisonment, and rejecting the sense of disposability that prisons support in our culture at large. Here, letters serve to connect students to each other across the walls of the prison system, they connect resistance struggles around the world, and they connect us as citizens and activists to a world oriented towards abolition.


This project explores and deconstructs the symbolism of suits apropos respectability politics, gender identities, capitalism, patriarchy, professionalism, and the relationship between politics and appearance.  Old suits will be deconstructed and repurposed into new wearable art pieces that will be photographed. Text written by Brianna Mims will further unpack the symbolism of suits. The book launch in downtown Los Angeles, will feature video projections by Gillian Garcia and original choreography by Brianna Mims with dancers wearing the deconstructed suits.



TriKe is a visual representation of the chaos we shape in order to thrive within the fullness of ourselves. Our film uses absurdity to scandalize our explicit vulnerability in a public space. TriKe is a celebration of our childlike sensibility to find the erotic in the mundane, and the power within our complexities. A short film by Giselle Bonilla and Brianna Mims. Premiering soon!